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Tangshan Jingxu to be composite materials trading Co., Ltd. and Korea Co., Ltd. the exclusive rights to sell SKY successful signing ceremony

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  Composite materials to be congratulated Tangshan Jing Co., Ltd. Korean SKY trading company with exclusive rights to the ceremony a success.

  November 1, 2011, Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Tangshan Jing must Ltd. SKY trading with South Korea signed with the exclusive right to sell awarding ceremony was held in Ninghe hotel, the leaders are: Director of Lutai Economic Development Zone - Liwei Li, Secretary for development development and Reform - Liu Sheng, development Zone, Environmental Protection Bureau - thin filled, development Zone, the Secretary - Wang Aimin, the Inland Revenue Department Secretary - He Yongxiang, Secretary IRS - what to pay and other treasure leadership, the support of leaders at all levels in the zone and help authorized signing ceremony a success.








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